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What did u like most? Sum of Workshop rating
all of it 10
basic theories explained in a relatable way 10
gratitude diary 3x3x3 10
gratitude giving reasons why say no 10
insightful 10
interactive great energy 10
loved the self love 10
real life seemed genuine and applicable 10
self love 10
self love gratitude 10
simplicity 10
The activities 10
the activities using them to empower 10
the dancing 10
the group size was not too big 10
the info that was delivered to my child was so appropriate 10
the message it gives teens 10
your energy 10


-> The most interesting things that make customers rated 10 for workshops.


What did u like most? Sum of Workshop rating
affirmation that i am on the right track with my kids 7


-> The most interesting thing with a customer who ranked 7 for workshop score.


What did u like most? Sum of Workshop rating
3x3x3 and 3 positive gratitude 8
Filling the cup 8
gratitude filling your cup 8
great tips specifically the self love 8
information on supporting our girls self worth 8
informative could see how it could be used in the classroom 8
it was all good and relevant 8
it was interesting and lively 8
Listening to your stories 8
long term not yet 9 minutes a day importance of discussions 8
nothing 8
positive affirmations and 3x3x3 8
reinforcing the rituals 8
relatable 8
Self love – fill your cup first 8
strategies like the paper scissors rock 8
the gratitude bit 8
tips and guidance 8
Total responses 18


Workshop rating


Average 8.96



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