introduction to conflict resolution


First, write a short background about the nature of the conflict, using the following questions

  1. What is the conflict about? When did the conflict start? What caused it?
  2. Was it a series of events or one event? What was the trigger event(s)?
  3. When did the conflict originate? Why did it occur?
  4. Use a metaphor to describe your conflict.

Next, analyze your perceptions of each element of the conflict, using the following questions:

  • Expressed struggle: How has the conflict been expressed? What was the trigger event?
  • Interdependent parties: What binds the parties together? In what ways each party needs the other?
  • Perceived incompatible goals: What are the parties not getting?
  • Perceived scarce resources: Examples include time, money, affection, inclusion, oil, land, or other natural resources, etc.
  • Perceived interference to achieve goals: In what ways each party is interfering with the other’s goals?

In your analysis, you must incorporate ideas, concepts, and theory from the chapter(s) to support your thoughts, answers, and/or rationales. This way, you can demonstrate your understanding of the readings and key concepts.

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