please respond to one of the following questions from Chapters 15 & 16:

1. The late nineteenth century was a turning point for Native Americans as they adjusted to westward expansion, industrialization, and technological developments:

i. What forms did their adjustments take?

2. Boosters, artists, and writers created mythical images about the U.S. West:

i. What purposes did such images serve?

3. Regarding the influx of new migrants and the transformation cities:

i. What types of infrastructure did cities have to create to accommodate them?

ii. How did living in urban areas reshape people’s social lives?

4. Considering that creating a strong union movement in the United States so difficult:

i. What challenges did they face?

ii. What benefits were accrued?

Your response should be coherent, informative, and analytical and must provide evidence from your textbook. I expect you to write a minimum of 2 paragraphs that are 4-5 complete sentences each. Short sentences and short paragraphs will lose points.

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