Analysis Paper – The Harlem Renaissance


Select an image you find particularly compelling from this week’s lectures. Write about it using the related reading assignments.  I want to see you develop some of your own ideas more and focus your essay more around your own argument. It is nice that you did outside research for this, but the assignment asks you to reference readings that were assigned for this class. (please write the piece in the attached file)

Your analysis should use vocabulary from the lecture and reading correctly, demonstrate a grasp of the key critical ideas, and be original. Rather than summarizing the arguments of other authors, try to find a way to synthesize their ideas in your own analysis. If you quote authors, please use proper Chicago style citation (Links to an external site.). Please ensure that you clearly indicate the title of the artwork that you are discussing.


lecture 3.1

lecture 3.2

reading: Farrington – 2017 – Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance.pdf

(see attach files, please use the reading as the resource)


Papers must be

Papers not meeting these guidelines will be returned for revisions and marked as late.

Grading Rubric

6 points – Originality of thought, demonstrates thoughtful engagement with and enthusiasm for exploring the topic

6 points – References required readings. Texts and keywords/terms are properly defined and interpreted

6 points – Quality of interpretation of images

6 points –  Follows instructions for formatting and paper length, attention to detail

6 points – Completes and turns in assignment

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