Common Task


Students must choose ONE of TWO previously unseen prompts (drawing on the ideas suggested in the Essential Questions 2020) and compose an analytical response consisting of:

– an introduction.

two substantial body paragraphs (comparing/contrasting the two texts in EACH paragraph).

– the start of BP 3 (establish your comparative point).


Allowed Materials:

– An annotated copy of The Catcher in the Rye (annotations do not include vocabulary lists, sentence starters or any other notes not directly relevant to the text on the page).

– A double-sided, typed A4 page of Flirting notes. 12 point Times New Roman and normal margins. This sheet must be scanned along with your response. It is suggested that one page contain quotes and the other key CAMELS evidence.

-A dictionary (must be a dictionary only, not a combined dictionary/thesaurus).


Task Conditions:

-Topics will be released via email and announcement function on zoom.

-See attachment Outcome Room Set Up (picture 3 a) to know how your workspace must be set up.

-At the conclusion of the outcome, you must sign the declaration (see below) and then scan it – along with your essay and Flirting notes – to the assignment set up on Canvas.


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