Assignment details:

This writing assignment MUST be in an ESSAY format.  In the essay, answer the following questions:

1. What are value stocks?

2.  What are growth stocks?

3.   What is the reasoning that investors use for purchasing value or growth stocks?

4.  Has value or growth investing worked best over the long term?

5.  Do you prefer one of these investment methods? Justify your response.

6.  Find recent examples of news articles in which someone is described as a value or growth investor. How successful have they been with this method?

MUST use 2 or more published news or academic articles  Articles MUST be LESS THAN A YEAR OLD as cited references.

MUST be in APA format

MUST be 500-1,000 words in length EXCLUDING title and reference page


One way to find information for this assignment is to use search academic articles on the Wall Street Journal or Barron’s and search for a recent article with the words “value investor” or “growth investor” in the text of the article.


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