Project Management

1. Explain what “Project Management” is to someone close to you – your Mum, Dad,

siblings, family and/or friends. You will report back to your group on how that went for you . were you successful in making the role/job clear? What questions did they ask of you? etc.

2. I introduced PMI’s most influential projects of the past 50 years -see this article The background for the project Why was it needed? What problem is it solving? o Why was it deemed a success? What new thing did it deliver?

o Who were the beneficiaries?

o Any other key point that attracted you to this project!

3. You will need to upload your notes on your experience of explaining PM and the overview of

each of the two projects (a Word or PPT slides with simple notes addressing each bullet point above) as part of Week2’s activities under the Assignments menu in Canvas (see here if logged in) and each workshop group will have a different deadline – although we will be flexible in these early weeks.

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