Individual analysis and reflection

Each member of your group should submit a written self-analysis and reflection (approx. 1500 words). This should build on the initial group analysis (submitted with the first part of the assessment above). You should focus on your individual role(s) within and contribution to the group as a whole.


You must draw on relevant organizational theory in your analysis and reflection. All individual submissions must include at least four quality research sources (see lecture one for guidance here).


There is some flexibility to your content and approach. For example, you could focus on the cultural/subcultural differences among your group member and how you managed any differences that did or could have interfered with the smooth running of your group. Alternatively you could analyse your own leadership qualities and role(s), identifying any specific challenges you faced and overcame during the planning/operation of the group. So you need to decide which OB theories are most useful to you, personally. Do not try to include too many topics and theories here – depth of analysis is often preferable to breadth. Perhaps you could focus on a small number of experiences, problems or high-points during group work and seek to better understand them by applying relevant theories.


You are required to engage in reflective self-analysis; in particular, how YOU contributed to this your group exercise and what YOU learnt as a result and how YOU can apply this learning to improve YOUR performance in future groupwork. This should be presented critically (ie exploring how your learning during this project could contribute to possible interactions with colleagues in future collaborations); you are likely to find learning theory and/or theories relating to teamwork particularly useful here, though you can draw from other topic areas if you prefer.


You must support your analysis with appropriate references. Any submission that does not include a MINIMUM OF 4 QUALITY RESEARCH REFERENCES (EG JOURNAL ARTICLES), will receive a grade of no more than 50%. If you have any doubts about your sources you should check with your tutor. Please note, student textbooks, unrefereed websites, magazines or newspapers SHOULD NOT be considered quality research references. These may present interesting and relevant opinions and can be included as ADDITIONAL sources, but not as your four quality references.


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