Information and New Media Technologies

Using the Internet, you are required to research a range of disruptive technologies which are changing
the way you will work in the future in your chosen career, i.e. think of the type of business environment
you hope to work in for the future. For example, this could be in Aviation, Commerce, Health Science,
Engineering, Social Work, Nursing, Psychology etc.
The technologies you choose should be usable in your future careers. For example, blockchain
technology could be useful in business environments such as in manufacturing, where it could provide
useful information about the movement of goods along a supply chain.
For this report you need to choose three Disruptive Technologies (DTs) which will change the way we
live, work or play. For students repeating this module, you will need to choose three different DTs to the
ones you have chosen before.
The information you research needs to come from reputable websites or scholarly sources (no Wikipedia
or similar sites, or blogs). All references need to be from 2017 or newer and need to state a year.
Your assessment is to be presented in report format using the correct Styles feature in Word, with
headings numbered.
The Report also needs to be written in your own words and not copied from your sources. Any information
you read needs to be referenced in-text. Use of quotes should not form more than 5% of your word count.
The Report:
The specific sections required in the report are as follows:
A Cover Page containing a Title for the Report, your name and a suitable image.
A Table of Contents created using the automatic Table of Contents tool in Word and updated correctly.
An Introduction stating what you are going to cover in your report and which business environment or
field you are basing your research on. It is better to write this near the end after you have written your
Choose three (3) different Disruptive Technologies and cover the following information
• Define what each of the technologies are, using Harvard in-text referencing.
• Describe pros and cons of each chosen disruptive technology using your references to
develop your views.
• Identify your ideal future career role. Describe how these technologies may disrupt your
identified future career role, using Harvard in-text referencing.
• Explain potential Ethical Issues arising from the use of each Disruptive Technology, using
Harvard in-text referencing.
• Explain potential Security Issues arising from the use of each Disruptive Technology, using
Harvard in-text referencing.
• For each Disruptive Technology, using scholarly sources, provide critical opinions about the
technology and conclude with your recommendations.
Example 1 – Critical Opinion:
Driverless cars may optimise our commute to work in the future, help save time stuck in traffic
congestions and lower our carbon footprint. However, the technology underpinning these
autonomous vehicles may also enable the collection of detailed travel log data about our
personal social life activities, which then may be reused in other contexts with or without our
After you have analysed and written the above using in-text referencing throughout, write a Conclusion
covering any interesting points you have made in your report.
On a new page collate a Reference List at the end of your report. This is to be in alphabetical order by
the Author’s surname (or website owner’s name). Reference lists are not to be numbered and do not
have bullet points. All references found need to be in English and have a URL which leads directly to the
source. No books are to be used.
Images need to be used throughout your report with captions explaining what they are, and a Table
of Figures included after the Table of Contents.
Your report should be around 2250 words in total not including the Cover page, Table of Contents, Table
of Figures or Reference List.

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