STDP Framework Report


  1. A) Dan Murphys
  2. B) Nike
  3. C) Deakin College
  4. D) Microsoft Office Software (only)


Topic Allocation: by your lecturer in class Week 1 and Week 2.


Your task in the first assignment (A1) is to:

Think of yourself as a marketing consultant for the company that you have been allocated. For the first assignment, all you need to do is to help them to identify:

  • two (2) potential new market segments in Australia and
  • choose one (1) target market out of these two segments that is best for the company to serve.

Once the new target market/product has been chosen, you need to provide a detailed customer profile of such market as well as develop a new differentiation and positioning strategy for the company to be successful in the new market.


You must provide:

1) Cover page

2) Table of Content

3) Reference list



Section and Marks Breakdown:

Section Marks Details (suggested breakdown of word limit and references are in brackets)
Workbook 2

Workbook 3

(must submit in-class in week 2 & 3)



10 Workbook 2 and 3 mirror what’s required in this assignment hence it is imperative for you to do it in-class, guided by your lecturer.

·       Workbook 2 will prepare you for some background analysis of the company that will be useful for you to justify your points in your A1.

·       Workbook 3 will show you step-by-step process of how to do STDP in marketing.

You need to submit these workbooks online on Moodle.


(100 words)

10 Background

Please provide a fully referenced background to this report that includes:

·       An industry overview (min. 1 reference)

·       Brief description of (min. 1 reference):

o   the company

o   the competitors

o   their current products

o   their current target market

Hint: Workbook 2, Part 4


(300 words)

25 Market Segmentation

Please provide a fully referenced overview of the segmentation bases that could be used by the company in segmenting the market to identify a potential new market/product. Please note:

·       Provide two (2) appropriate new market segments for the company to be used as potential target market and do not forget to label them correctly.

·       Provide a justification of why they are potential target market

·       Provide at least two (2) segmentation variables for each bases

·       Use a segmentation table to present these information

·       Make sure that your new segments are in consumer market, NOT business market

·       The segments MUST be in AUSTRALIA (geographic segmentation base), NOT overseas

Hint: Workbook 3, Step 1


(150 words)

25 Market Targeting and Consumer Profile

·       From the two (2) new segments identified in Section 2, choose one (1) target market that would be best for the company and provide a fully referenced justification of why the company has to choose such target market. Please note:

·       Choose only ONE (1) new target market and justify why they should be the new target market for the company.
HINT: Include the three (3) factors to consider when choosing a target market (Lecture 3)

·       Provide a detailed consumer profile for the target market that you have chosen using the segmentation variables that you have discussed in Section 2

More hint: Workbook 3, Step 2


(200 words)

25 Differentiation and Positioning

Considering the target market that you have selected, discuss how you would differentiate and position the company in the new target market’s minds (fully referenced). Please note:

·       Suggest a new value proposition that will be relevant to the new target market and justify this

·       Consider the five (5) differentiation bases and justify the most appropriate ones (can be more than one) to discuss

·       Provide a positioning statement

·       Illustrate where the company should be positioned against the competitors mentioned in Section 1 on a positioning map

Hint: Workbook 3, Step 3-4



(and General Communications)

5 Reference List and General Communications

Use credible and relevant references (minimum of 5 different references (at least 2 being academic references i.e. textbooks and journal articles)

·       You MAY NOT use:

o   Wikipedia

o   Investopedia


o   Blogs


o   and the like

·       For websites, you may consider websites that ends with:

o   .org


o   .net

o   .com (only for company websites)

·       You can also cite news articles

·       Correct and consistent use of Deakin Harvard Referencing format

·       Professional business report (avoid 1st person expression i.e. I, we, us

·       Free of grammar and spelling mistakes

·       Have checked the online library resources on Moodle

·       Delete the template boxes à [Delete this box before submission]

·       Using the assignment template provided by the unit chair (below)

·       Using the company that has been allocated to you


The breakdown of words are suggestions only. You may vary the words per section. The maximum word count (750 words +- 10%) is based on the total words of the submitted document and shown on Turnitin.

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