Software Analysis: Presentation

Assignment 2 is an oral presentation on your allocated company, lasting approximately 10 minutes. Each person will be required to present. You are to consider yourselves as marketing consultants hired by the Case Study Company to pitch on your A3 recommendations. The purpose of this presentation is to let your lecturer and the audience knows of your analysis and recommendations for A3 as well as your plans to finish the assignment. At the end of your presentation, your lecturer as well as the audience will provide verbal feedback that will help to improve the content of your A3.

You should include all of these details below in your presentation:

  1. Introduction (names and IDs of group leader and members)
  2. Assignment 1 summary (brief)
  3. Your recommendations in regards to the company’s Product, Promotion and the other marketing mix element that you will provide in A3, relevant to the content of A1.
  4. Timeline/plans to finish the A3


Important notes:

  • Marks will be awarded for verbal and visual presentation, generation of class discussion, approach to Q&A session and content of the presentation.


  • During the presentation, you must pitch your recommendations to the audience. They will act as the board of director of your case study company.


  • You must use overheads done in power-point or similar (be creative).


  • Once you have completed the presentation, there will be a short Q&A session


  • Being that this is a formal presentation, you are to be dressed in a smart-casual attire.

Therefore, the following are NOT adequate attire:

  • Jeans, runners, T shirts, baseball caps, tracksuits, thongs, shorts.

What is appropriate:

  • Slacks, shirts, skirts, jackets (smart-casual attire)


  • Please practice your talk before you conduct it, know how long each section of your presentation should take. You will not be allowed to go over time.
    1. Use dot points on cards – NEVER read your talk out, it is boring to listen to, and shows that you have not prepared adequately.
    2. You should be able to present without referring to your notes, if you have practiced.
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